Should vegans vaccinate their children?

As a physician and a new mom, the current measles outbreaks occurring in several parts of the world worry me. Many of my colleagues, friends, and patients share their concerns regarding this viral infection with me on a daily basis. In several mom groups on facebook, I see posts buzzing about this topic and IContinue reading “Should vegans vaccinate their children?”

Ditch the Dairy

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels STRONG BONES? Milk consumption, as told by the mainstream media, dairy industries, and the FDA, helps make strong bones. However, in scientific research, this has not been found to be the case. Diets with large quantities of dairy correlate with low bone density. The countries who most consume dairy are actually theContinue reading “Ditch the Dairy”

Always Read the Nutrition Label

By Dr. Miranda Graham | The Vegan MD The healthiest food you can get will always be from the produce section at your local grocery store or farmer’s market. However, in the era of high-stress jobs and familial responsibilities that don’t always leave time to make everything yourself from scratch, learning how to properly readContinue reading “Always Read the Nutrition Label”